- December 2, 2020

What to consider when you want to Write an Excellent Book Report

What to consider when you want to Write an Excellent Book Report

The most important thing, apart from excellent writing skills, is a good book report. This is because a good book report is where you get to show readers the thoughts that took place while reading your book and also provide them with your annotations. All annotations consist of supporting what the reader has been reading, giving an in-depth analysis of that particular book.

This means that if you want to write an excellent book report, you have to do a lot of reading and writing. Let us discuss some of the essential tips that you must keep in mind when you are handling this assignment.

Start with Choosing the Right Title for your Book Report

As with any other task that you will be asked to do, it is always advisable to start with what you think the reader will want to know before you start writing. It is essential to point out that even though your assignment is to provide an analysis of your book, it is also essential to point out that you are supposed to show how your story has resonated with the reader. However, having a catchy title, but having a generic story is not a good fit because it will limit you in terms of what the professor will want to know about your work.

Having said this, it is also worth considering that a well-written title gives your book report a good structure, making it easier to read. The main problem with titles that are too general is that the reader will be overwhelmed within the first few pages, which, as a result, means that the report will be very broad, which means that the professor will not take it seriously.

This is what happened to me, and when I had a general title that I felt was too generic, I found myself postponing doing my report because I worried that my head would start spinning when I started reading. This is why it is always advisable to pick a title that describes the kind of book report you want to write, and then compose it.

Organize Your Book Report

When you are done writing your book report, it is always wise to make a plan of what you want the teacher to read first, what information they want to hear about the book, and then what they will want to be translated directly from the book report into the class. It is always best to have all the elements of a good book report in your report. Here is how you will arrange the sections;

  • Title- this is where you provide the title of the book, whether you are using an authors name, it will determine whether your report will be called Annotated Bibliography or Annotated Introductory Phase.
  • Introduction- Here, you will bring out the title of your book and the author’s name and then how that made you feel when reading the book and then why that book was such a good fit for your concept.
  • Body- here is where you will provide every other aspect of the book and how it affected you as a reader.
  • Conclusion- here, you summarize and give recommendations about the story.

These are just the basic points. If you feel like your title is not descriptive enough, you can always look for help from a professional writer or have someone read through your book report and give their verdicts to you.

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