- September 17, 2020

Assignment Guide for Writing a Book Report

Guide for Writing an Informative Book Report

In case you are looking to compose a captivating book report, this is the guide you need to take. Book reports are the typical tasks that most learners get asked to write when given assignments. The thing is, there is no easy way of writing a book report apart from following a particular structure. However, this being a book report, the format should be very easy to follow.

When you are given the book report to complete, you have to fill in various sections such as the Introduction, Body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each of these sections has to be filled in uniquely so that it can be considered an independent piece. After you have done the writing and narrowed down the number of relevant points to make, you then refine and edit the piece. The review process involves going through your article to check for error and proper structure. It should have the required word count.

The trick to writing a perfect book report is to follow a few general rules. First, for you to have a comprehensive report, you should base your piece on a relevant theme. Therefore, when you are writing about a book you are familiar with, aim to have a different perspective and voice that relates to that of the author. Ensure that the tone is conversational and conversational writing style. Focusing on a specific idea is the best way to set a good tone in your book report.

Give your book a good cover. Some subjects have the cover characteristics that make it harder to introduce them. Make sure your cover is accurate and that it is a clear representation of the theme of your writing.

Write the title in the captivating and memorable way. A great title captures the attention of the reader even before they read your book report. Therefore, it must hook them immediately. List the characters in the introduction and use them to spark their interest in the report. Give them lively personalities and think outside the box by having brief anecdotes about them. It helps if you were explicit about the book as this is one way of ensuring that the reader sticks with the report. 

Write a fascinating introduction. When writing your book report, a useful thing to do is to start with something that intrigues the reader. Your introduction should only contain a hook and a simple explanation of the book’s theme. Write more on the side and not in a way that overwhelms the reader. Use appropriate language that resonates with the reader but is not too formal.

Use a paragraph structure. You should write each section of your book report as it appears in the book. Ensure that you have started your paragraph with a topic sentence and end it with a thesis statement. As you draft your statement, ensure that it has at least three sentences. It is a must that the first paragraph starts with a topic sentence, provides the thesis, and completes the paragraph with a closing sentence. The end of the paragraph should be an announcement that the paragraph is complete and set to rest.

A book report should be free from grammar errors. Therefore, it is imperative that you read the book thoroughly and make sure to inform your readers about the book’s topic. 

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