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The Basics of Can Someone Do My Homework

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All About Can Someone Do My Homework

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How to write a conclusion to the thesis?

How to write a conclusion to the thesis work, the attitude of students is different. Some people think that working on this part is nonsense. Others sit for hours, inventing what to shove there.

The difficulty of writing a good (!) Conclusion is that it needs to reflect its own conclusions on the work, and not phrases from the textbook, diagrams and calculations charts. Finishing work is a complex and logical expression of one’s thoughts, summing up the work.

What is a graduation diploma?

Before you write the conclusion in the thesis, it is necessary to clearly understand what it is. After all, this is a very important structural part of the thesis, do not neglect it.

Conclusion – a summary of the results that were obtained in the process of writing a thesis, and developed on the basis of their proposals.

This section follows immediately after the main part and before the bibliographic list (list of references). These include the following elements:

Conclusions on the theoretical and practical aspects of the work that were obtained during the study.

Evaluation and results of an empirical study with a description of the findings.

Proposals that will eliminate the problems identified in the work, as well as a description of their practical importance and the introduction of the results of the thesis.

The result of the work done (to achieve the goal and accomplish the tasks).

The conclusion is closely interrelated with the introduction, since the elements (hypothesis, goal of the task, etc.) indicated in the introduction should be reflected in the conclusion. “Inflate” and “fill with water” this section is not worth it. However, as the introduction, because when reading it should not be any questions about the work done.

The structure of the thesis

Before writing a conclusion to the diploma (you will see an example and a sample of the finished conclusion below), let us mentally divide it into 3 components:

  • brief conclusions regarding the theoretical part of the study;
  • conclusions on the practical (analytical) chapter, highlighting the problems and shortcomings on the studied issue;
  • proposals for the improvement of the object of study.

As already mentioned, the debriefing should be a “reflection” of the introduction. This will help to correctly and consistently describe the results of research in the thesis.

The introduction described the problem and listed the ways to solve it (the problem). Now, in the “reflection” -conclusion in the same way, answers are written to the tasks that were set in the introduction. Thus, the constructed conclusion will reflect the chain and sequence of thoughts and will not allow to miss the main conclusions and results of the research in the thesis work.

And here is the structure that will help you understand how to correctly describe the results and conclusions in the thesis:

The prologue. An example of how to write a conclusion in a thesis work: in this introductory part, you need to devote the reader to the topic of research. Enough a couple of proposals that made the subject of study.

Main part. This part of the conclusion contains the conclusions obtained in the thesis and the results of the study. Examples of how to write the conclusions in the main part of the diploma: here all the theoretical and practical conclusions on the work are described. Here it is necessary to give answers to all tasks. It is necessary to state conclusions consistently, according to their presentation in work. At the end of the main part, it is necessary to write that the goal has been achieved, the tasks are solved and the hypothesis is proved.

Final part. In this part of the conclusion it is necessary to reflect the practical significance of the work and briefly describe the recommendations proposed for solving the identified problems, reflect the possibility of their implementation in practice. Here, by the way, there will be a brief analysis of the results in the thesis work and methods of their practical application in real life.

How to write a thesis with pleasure: tips and lifehacks

Why do not want to write a thesis?

The most common cause is laziness. And laziness comes when something is not clear.

This article will facilitate the process of writing, remove all barriers and tell you how to enjoy the process.

Several useful recommendations from the author with years of experience will help to simplify the writing of the thesis.

How to write a diploma: procedure, rules and recommendations

Several useful recommendations from the author with years of experience will help to simplify the writing of the thesis.

Think only within the topic

To understand what to write about, it is important to constantly think about the chosen topic, not to depart from it.

Use clear structure

In order to structure work correctly, it is important to understand an ordinary process: a problem is a solution. That is, the thesis should contain a theory (as a rule, this is the first section of the work), an analysis or evaluation of the process (usually the second section of the work) and the identification of problems and ways to solve them. This structure is suitable for almost all theses.

Replace “ugly” words

To work looked literate, replace the ugly words. For example: change the word “need” to the word “necessary”, “wrong” to “inexpedient”, “profitability” to “profitability, efficiency”.

Use bundle expressions

To build a logical sequence of presentation, insert such transitions between different thoughts “The next step is to consider …” or “Next, it is important to pay attention to …”. Often insert the phrase “in this way” or the phrase “in this way, on the basis of the information provided …”.

These recommendations will help simplify the process of writing a diploma.

Maximum effective lifehacks

The following are really working lifehacks from a practicing author:

Want to write a diploma. The desire to write a diploma on your own – 90% of success. It is important to understand that the desire to write a diploma yourself, you must motivate. And the key motivation for students and undergraduates is to get a quality education and put their skills into practice.

Consider your options. Capability means having time and free access to the Internet. It should be noted that the presence of large analytical skills is not necessary.

Find an intelligent person with whom you can discuss some points of your diploma, debate and boast about current achievements. Such a person is for someone who wants to write a diploma independently – as an additional motivation to do everything himself and to increase self-esteem.

Choose only the topic that is of interest. Writing a diploma is doomed to failure, if there is not the slightest interest. It is not so important how much a student understands it, how much, how much he is interested in the chosen subject.

Each stage of the work on the diploma accompany something delicious. Perfectly fit sweets and coffee. “Sweet” brain stimulation increases the efficiency by several times, which allows you to get even more carried away by this process and get pleasure from it.

Thus, to write a diploma and get pleasure from it is easy! And if it still seems to you that diploma and pleasure are incompatible things, then the student help service will take the whole “dark” side of writing a thesis project on yourself, and you will only have to enjoy the suddenly free days and nights.

Guidelines for the implementation of the thesis

The diploma will show both to the graduate and the attestation commission, as far as the student is ready to conduct design and research activities. The work will be evidence of the following points:

  • Has the student sufficiently mastered the methods and technology of research,
  • is he capable of analytic work
  • did you get the right conclusions from the research done
  • Did you use modern achievements in your work?
  • whether orienting in the calculation methods.

Graduation design – this is the final stage of student education in higher education. In addition, this is his first independent engineering work, which is aimed at improving the creative potential, the expansion of theoretical knowledge and their practical application.

Why do we need guidelines for the implementation of graduation projects

It would seem that there is knowledge and assistance of a supervisor. Why use the manuals?

But most of all the graduate in the difficult task of writing the last qualifying work will help exactly the training manual. It performs several important functions at once:

  • Introduces students to the organization of diploma design and the content of theses.
  • Lists possible topics.
  • Describes in detail the content of graduation projects.
  • Lists the requirements for the content and design of graphic material and explanatory notes.
  • And now let’s see which sections will appear in the guidelines with a brief description.

General provisions

In the section “General Provisions” you will find information about what exactly is a graduation project.

It also lists student rights. For example, the choice of topics and the procedure for assigning the selected topic to a specific student.

This section describes in detail how and by whom the subject is developed, how a supervisor is assigned to a student, as well as his (head) job responsibilities.

Guidelines for graduate design also contain instructions if the student performed a thesis at the enterprise.

Here you will find out who the reviewer is, who appoints him and when, what he does.

The content and composition of graduation projects

The guidelines for writing a thesis clearly states what should be part of this work:

  • settlement and explanatory note. Its volume should not exceed 120 A4 pages;
  • graphic material. This includes at least 6 drawings / figures / tables in A1 format (if the student is studying for engineering specialties).

The contents of the diploma radio character

A student of radio engineering specialties should pay attention to the following sections in his graduation project:

  • Relevance of the topic with the rationale.
  • Description of the structural scheme of the developed device with justification.
  • Basic theory pertaining to device design.
  • Development and calculation of the electrical circuit.
  • An experimental study of the device and the results of machine modeling.
  • Design development of the device.

Conclusions and conclusion of the project.

The settlement and explanatory note also has its structure. And at thesis design it is necessary to follow the guidelines for creating this section of the diploma. Make sure that in the settlement and explanatory note were the following parts:

  • annotation;
  • introduction;
  • review and analysis of similar devices;
  • development and justification of technical requirements for the device;
  • development and justification of the structural, functional, conceptual design of the device;
  • constructive development unit;
  • research;
  • economic justification;
  • occupational health and safety measures;
  • civil defense measures;
  • conclusion and conclusion;
  • bibliographic list.

Content of a research diploma

In the guidelines for the graduation project of research type will be approximately the following paragraphs:

  • selection and substantiation of the topic, formulation of objectives and relevance of the study;
  • problem analysis according to literature and patent information, possible ways to solve the research problem;
  • theory of research, the conclusions of the main relations and laws;
  • methodology and generalization of experimental and theoretical studies;
  • economic justification;
  • provision of occupational health and safety measures;
  • findings.

Special questions of diploma design

You have already noticed that regardless of the focus and profile of the specialty in the thesis work there are points common to all (economic justifications, labor protection measures and civil defense).

But sometimes a graduate may be assigned to solve special tasks that are not originally included in the list of necessary. For example:

  • calculation of the main indicators of the quality of the device;
  • conducting a patent search;
  • carrying out calculations by computer.

How to search for answers to these questions, you can ask the supervisor or search for this information in the general provisions of the university or the department.

Organization of diploma design

Other information will be listed here. For example, everything that concerns the guidelines and recommendations on the design of the thesis and the procedure for its delivery.

But do not despair! Despite the fact that a diploma is an independent work, always remember: you are not alone working on this task. The whole process will be supervised by the head, as well as the curator of the department, who will guide, monitor the correctness of the decisions made, help in difficult situations.

The duties of the curator will also include checking the compliance of the material with the design tasks, tracking the observance of the calendar plan and work schedule, providing scientific advice, systematically checking the student’s work and communicating with the head of the department about how the work is going.

As soon as the project is completed, it will have to be signed by the direct author, consultants, norm control. Now you can pass the diploma to provide feedback supervisor. The document will fully describe the algorithm of the manager’s actions, as well as the parameters by which he will evaluate the work.