3 easy solution in case you forgot the password:

(Starting from the easiest…)


I have found that one of the most annoying and frustrating problems with modern day computers is the fact that you need a password to access everything.  While this is without a doubt a key requirement to protect you, having to remember different passwords for all of your Internet sites is never easy.  However, while forgetting the password to your email account might be annoying, forgetting the password to access your Windows system itself is much more serious as without this, it is impossible for you to use your computer.

Well … I guess that is not really 100% accurate, there are ways and means of recovering even the admin password if it has been lost or forgotten, so while your initial thoughts might have been that you needed to format and reinstall losing all of your information you do in fact have other options and do not need to start from scratch.

1. Using another Admin Account

Hopefully you have another admin account on your computer, perhaps your spouse’s?  If this is the case, then the easiest and least harmful solution is for you to use that other account to login to the system and simply change the password on your account.  This is really easy to do and there is absolutely no risk in doing it.


2. Using System Restore

Through the system restore options available in the recovery tools suite of Windows; you will be able to restore your system to a previous point in time – hopefully a point where the password you have remembered works.  Please keep in mind that using this option will remove any programs that were installed from the time the restore point was created.


3. Using a Bootable CD

There are third party tools that exist that provide you with the capability of booting up into a program which is able to edit the registry of your windows system.  Most of these tools I have found so far are based on Linux and as such are able to bypass some of the security restrictions in Windows based systems.  You can find some details on some bootable CDs that have password recovery capabilities on the Boot CD solutions page.  All of the bootable CDs that I have recommended are not only free, I also guarantee that they are spyware and virus free so you can feel comfortable knowing that you are using professional software without any risk to yourself.

While downloading and using a bootable CD to recover your windows password might seem the most complicated option, in reality the software now available and the way in which the disk’s function makes it actually quite easy.


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