Spotmau BootSuite 2011/2012


Spotmau BootSuite works under boot environment with Microsoft WinPE technology . That means that it runs a mini Windows operating system from within the bootable CD. Spotmau BootSuite also has the right tools to help system recovery:  a memory test, hard-disk test, Windows partitions backup and clone, password and licence recovery.

Spotmau BootSuite downloadable  is a 154MB ISO file.



Note that Spotmau is now promoting an alike product having a different brand name!

Covered here.



  • Easy to use interface
  • It gives the ability to create a boot CD that provides network access.
  • It has 24/7 technical support  over email


  • It is not free (49.95 USD)
  • Requires a minimum of 384MB free RAM

Spotmau BootSuite 2011 download:

Spotmau (aka Wondershare) web site

Obviously, a recordable DVD disc is required…
These discs are quite inexpensive today and you can find tons of products at Amazon.
Don’t make too much thinking. You need the DVD only once so you can easily compromise on brand quality!

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