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Hiren’s BootCD (HBCD)) is a free bootable CD that contains loads of useful tools. Even if your primary operating system cannot be booted, you’ll be able to analyze, recover and fix your computer.


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There is an ongoing controversial debate regarding Hiren’s license aspects. Especially when it comes to the shareware applications previously installed on the CD (allowing Hiren’s creator to make some money…). Excellent reviews far outweigh unfavourable reviews, with the bad ones generally concentrating on the fact that there’s so many tools to choose from it can be difficult to know which one to use first. These complaints are few and far between however, and mostly users of Hiren’s BootCD are more than happy with the product.

Hiren’s latest version includes hundreds of tools, but these are the ones I found most useful:

  • Antivirus Tools – a set of free antivirus engines
  • Testing Tools – RAM test (memTest86+) and hard drive test
  • A password recovery tool - it can reset the Windows admin password to original blank.

Hiren’s downloadable is a 507MB ZIP file.


  • A wealth of free tools integrated into the CD
  • It has a video tutorial
  • Easy creation process. Has a good ISO burner utility.


  • No network access option from within the CD
  • Some built-in tools reported to be WAREZ . (licensing in the gray area..)

Hiren’s boot CD download:

Obviously, a recordable DVD disc is required…
These discs are quite inexpensive today and you can find tons of products at Amazon.
Don’t make too much thinking. You need the DVD only once so you can easily compromise on brand quality!


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