Burning ISO file into a CD

You probably already noticed the term: “ISO file”.
These kind of files are often used to distribute large programs over the Internet (such as boot CDs) due to the fact that all of the program’s files can be neatly contained as a single file.ISO files can easily burned to DVDs or CDs.

What is an ISO File

An ISO file, often called an ISO image, is in fact an “image” of an entire CD or DVD. The entire contents of a disc can be perfectly represented in a single ISO file.

ISO images end in the file extension .ISO
The easiest way to think of an iso file is more like a “winzip” file. The fact is though that the ISO file is not compressed at all. It’s a flat, byte-by-byte copy of the data that suppose to be stored on a disk.
A standard CD ROM disk contains 333,000 blocks (also called “sectors”) of data. Each block is 2,352 bytes, so the ISO file contains the image of a disk one block after the other. It’s just the raw data from the disk.
After burning the ISO image into the CD you can examine the completed disk and you’ll see all the files and folders that were contained in the image.

Once you download ISO, the file itself is worthless unless it can be opened, assembled, and used. The most common way to make use of an ISO file is to burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD disk. It’s a different process than burning a bunch of music or document files to a disk because your CD/DVD burning software must “assemble” the contents of the ISO file onto the disk.

How To Burn an ISO Image File to a CD or DVD

What do you do with an ISO file once you’ve downloaded it? An ISO file is an image of a CD or DVD. In order to use it, you first need to burn it into the digital media.

Burning the ISO image file to a CD or DVD is a bit different than just copying the file. You’ll need to use a special CD burning software and choose the “burn image” or “write image” option. If the CD/DVD burning software that youuse today does not have this option or if you are not sure, see a few well known software solutions in the next section.


Recommended ISO burning software utilities

The following are some very common ISO to CD/DVD burning utilities that I can sure recommend.


My favorite,”Free ISO burner” utility in a 2.5 minute clip:

Needless to mention:

You must have a CD or DVD burner to write ISO files to CDs or DVDs. You will not be able to burn ISO files if you only have a standard CD or DVD device.

If you do not have a CD burner…,

You can buy one at Amazon. They are quite inexpensive today.
Make sure it is an external device and that it is powered by USB – so installation will be plug and play.


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2 Responses to Burn to CD

  1. George Crentsil says:

    Thank you so much. I downloaded the kaspersky rescue iso file and just burnt it onto a CD, tried it on my computer and messed up my windows7. Your explanation here enabled me to really burn the image. It has worked now. It’s only excellent teachers who give explanations for things to work out. Thanks again.

  2. sxtillion says:

    My HP wouldn’t boot and I got this error : http://www.articlesbase.com/data-recovery-articles/resolving-boot-configuration-data-error-0xc000000d-in-windows-7-2449965.html

    I called HP tech support. Since the jackasses don’t give you a repair disk with your purchase, your only option using their patented (no doubt) recovery console is to WIPE THE ENTIRE DISK.

    I painstakingly backed up the entire hard drive using a friend’s SATA / USB adapter. (hours of work). Then it occurred to me to see if there was a way to get my hands on a Recovery Disk. Bravo! On a different computer, I burned it using ISO and didn’t have to go through any menus. It immediately fixed the boot file and I’m back up and running. I think the fan may be working, but it is quiet. Thought I heard it come on for just a few second. In any case, no data lost, can’t tell I ever had a problem, and wasted days obtaining the adapter etc when all I needed was that recovery disk. Thanks HP. What a company (hate to admit it but I like my entertainment laptop.)

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